CBD Hemp Testing Equipment

When it comes to distillation, you’ll want to make sure that your product is under the .3% THC amount. This is especially true if you’re selling your product to customers in States where marijuana hasn’t been legalized yet. With this equipment, you can go in with confidence knowing that your product has been tested and meets the legal limit for CBD in the USA.

With this integrated system, the client was able to access an integrated and tested system for their cannabis analysis needs. This Hemp Testing Equipment installation took only weeks to integrate, and is providing a lot of value for the client and their manufacturing capabilities.

The basic system installed can assay THC and CBD with great accuracy in less than five minutes. When it comes to other types of analysis such as cannabis compounds and biomass, the testing can take a bit longer.

This system is setup to automatically print your custom Certificate of Analysis and integrates using a MS Excel macro.

The model used for this system was focused on the need for CBD refined products, however, refined products for THC would also be a practical use-case for this installation.
Cannabis compounds are able to be accurately measured with this testing equipment using the MS Excel Macro integration.
The cannabinoid profile of THC, CBD and CBN can be discovered with accurate testing results thanks to the integration.

CBD distillation equipment is our specialty, and we always aim for 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Once your needs are determined, the method for specifically determining how to setup the distillation equipment will be determined for your facility and lab.

This client is able to accurately measure the effectiveness of their products in order to be compliant. When you are searching for where to buy distillation and testing equipment for your lab, please get in contact with us, and we’d be happy to discuss more becoming your integrator for the next project!