C02 Supercritical Extraction Machine for Sale

We are proud to introduce the new 3rd generation of the system, CO2 supercritical extraction machine for sale. With this machine, up to 20 kg of oil from plants such as hemp, MMJ and similar biomass can be extracted per day. This system helped to expand operational output for a manufacturer located in San Francisco and it could be reproduced for your facility, too!

The extractor offers a fast cycle time and extract material as low as 1 hour. At it’s maximum output setting, this system is capable to produce two 25L with high pressure extraction tanks per machine which will enable a continuous operation. This extraction machine for sale is the perfect possibility with a ‘lights out’ operation.

Features with this machine:

  • Fast-acting, power on the system quickly to get running
  • 4350 PSI Super critical C02 extractor
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

CO2 supercritical extraction machine system details:

Manufacturer: Applied Extracts

  • High-pressure, high flow extraction
  • Chiller and Condenser Included
  • Pump Included
  • Warranty Included (1-year)
  • California Engineer Certification Included, if necessary

Unique 2 x 25 Liter 4350 psi supercritical CO2 extractor capabilities!

Machine Functionality Features

  • Individual Control Over:
    • Heaters
    • Exchangers
    • Pumps
    • Separator Vessels (2-stage)
    • Built-in Automatic Recirculation

Control Panel Features:

  • Schneider PLC
  • Internet Access
  • Large Touchscreen HMI

Power Control:

  • 240 V/3ph electrical connection
  • Ability to change voltages (on request)
  • 5000psi
  • 1.2/min flow rate

Access extraction times of less than an hour in some cases!

PLC Features:

  • Automatic Control of Heaters
  • Heat Exchanger Programs
  • Automated CO2 Recirculation Unit

The co2 supercritical extraction machine for sale won’t be available forever. We’re constantly innovating at KYDS, so this machine will be gone before too long.

In the case that you would like to know more about the customization options for this machine or other machines we sell, consider contacting us to better understand your specific circumstances. We’re happy to help serious people considering a premiere vendor for your operation.

This system can be installed and tested at your site (in North America, only) and our turn-key upgrade offering will ensure everything is tested and working for your throughput demands.